Add a Facebook Shop Now Button

How to add a “Shop Now” Button

By adding a “Shop Now”  button to your Facebook Business Page, you are giving visitors to your Facebook Page an easy way to access your Ourcupboard Store. A few easy steps outlined below, and you will have a new Shop Now button displayed on your page.

Note: First, you must have “administrative” privileges to make this change. Secondly, Facebook only allows you to have one button, so if you don’t see the “Add a Button” under your cover image, you may already have a live link button being used for something else. For example, it might be “Message Us” or “Call Us”, if so you can edit the button by hovering over it and click “Edit Button”.

(1) Click “Add a Button”, a Pop Up will appear with more options

(2) Select “Shop With You”, and it will expand for more choices

(3) Select the Shop Now option

(4) Click Next

(5) Select the Website Link option

(6) Open your business listing page, and copy and paste your page address from your browser window (Ctrl + C) and then (Ctrl + V) or just copy the address exactly as it appears in your browser window. Click SAVE

(7) Click Finish!

All Done

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