Recalls and Outbreaks

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Recent Recalls

Notices of recalls and alerts from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are listed in the widget. You can click on items within the widget for more information on a recall or alert.

If the product details in the recall notice match the details on the food product you have at home, do not open or consume the product. Instead, do one of the following:

  • Return the product to the place of purchase for a refund.
  • Dispose of the product following the instructions provided in the recall notice to make sure no one will consume it.

You can easily use the Recalls widget on your website to notify your visitors about the latest food safety recalls and alerts. Just copy the code found on the ‘Embed’ button above and paste it in your site’s coding. When new alerts and recalls are issued, the widget will be automatically updated.

What Is a Food Recall?

A food recall occurs when there is reason to believe that a food may cause consumers to become ill. A food producer initiates the recall to take foods off the market. In some situations, food recalls are requested by government agencies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). A product can be recalled for many reasons including but not limited to:

  • Discovery of organisms such as bacteria like Salmonella.
  • Discovery of foreign objects such as broken glass or metal.
  • Discovery of a major allergen that does not appear on the product label.

What Is an Outbreak?

When two or more people get the same illness from the same contaminated food or drink, the event is called a foodborne outbreak. Public health officials investigate outbreaks to control them, so more people do not get sick in the outbreak, and to learn how to prevent similar outbreaks from happening in the future.

When a foodborne disease outbreak is detected, public health and regulatory officials work quickly to collect as much information as possible to find out what is causing it, so they can take action to prevent more people from getting sick. This action includes warning the public when there is clear and convincing information linking illness to a contaminated food. Outbreaks may be investigated by federal, state, and local public health and regulatory officials, depending on how widespread the outbreak is.

More Food Recall and Outbreak Alert Resources

Separate government agencies are responsible for protecting different segments of the food supply. Click on an agency’s page below to see more information on current recalls and outbreak alerts. Your state or local public health agency may also list state-specific recalls and outbreak alerts on their websites.

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